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Belts & Hoses Replacements

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The Importance of Belt and Hose Replacements

Did you know that your vehicle's belts and hoses are significant parts performing crucial functions of your engine's charging, air conditioning, and cooling systems? Our car care experts at JK Auto Garage understand the value of routine belt and hose maintenance and replacement intervals for your vehicle. In fact, regular replacement of your car’s belts and hoses may help prevent pricey repairs down the road.

Benefits of Routine Belt and Hose Maintenance

Belts and hoses have short life spans as a result of mileage, age, tension, and oil contaminants. Other exposures have the potential to create cracks and leaks, such as harmful chemicals, vehicle vibrations, and engine heat. Some signs that the belts and hoses may require replacement include:

    5 years or 60,000 miles since last replacement
    Air conditioning failure
    Complete loss of power due to alternator discharging
    Coolant or other fluid leaks
    Illuminated dashboard lights
    Steam rising from the engine
    Grinding or screeching noises when the engine starts

Routine inspections and maintenance of belts and hoses is always necessary, but even more so during the summer season when increased temperatures may accelerate deterioration of the rubber components. Because belts and hoses can be difficult to inspect visually, an expert at one of our JK Auto Garage service centers will be happy to ensure the belts and hoses on your car are in perfect working condition.

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