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Air Conditioning Service/Repair

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JK Auto Garage have the skills to carry out all of your Vehicle Air Conditioner repair, servicing and inspections in North York and the surrounding areas.
Todays cars are very complex and just like the engine, your car air conditioner has components that need to be serviced or replaced on a regular basis.

Don’t Melt In Your Car

Send the heat packing. A car air conditioner uses refrigerant to extract the heat from the air within the passenger area of the car and carry it out of the vehicle, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air to be recirculated. It is very important to conduct an assessment of the condition of the rubber seals for any signs of leaks or issues which may indicate a loss of refrigerant.

When this refrigerant has started to leak or evaporate your air con system will begin to deteriorate and have to work harder with a resulting increase in fuel consumption. Even new cars can lose approximately 20% of their refrigerant gas in the first 2 years.

To address this problem it is strongly recommended that the refrigerant in your Vehicle Air Conditioner system is recharged completely within four years of the manufacture date and every two to three years after that.

By getting an annual Car air conditioner service you generally help prevention of costly breakdowns now and in the future - and a well serviced Car Air Conditioner actually saves you money because it results in a reduction of fuel being used up.

Your vehicle ought to be taken to a qualified workshop such as JK Auto Garage on a regular basis to make sure the air conditioning system continues performing efficiently as well as having the mechanics go over the condition of the whole vehicle.

JK Auto Garage in North York are qualified to take charge of air conditioning repairs, services and regas on most makes and models.

Air Conditioning FAQ's

Car Air Conditioning - how does it happen?

A car air conditioning system could be seen as having four basic parts - a belt driven pump called a compressor to compress and circulate gas, the condenser to redistribute heat and condense gas to a liquid, an evaporator to remove heat from the car and dehumidify refrigerant and an expansion device known as an orifice tube or a thermal expansion valve (TXV), (subject to the kind of a/c system used).

A vehicle air conditioner system is designed to absorb the heat from the air inside the car and carry it to the exterior, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air behind to be recirculated. As hot air is passed across the fins of the evaporator the heat is easily absorbed by the refrigerant (in gas form), effectively removing the heat from the air in the car and taking it outside.

The now heated gas is pulled through the compressor where it is further heated (via compression) to a very high temperature. The refrigerant is then literally forced through the condenser, allowing the cooler outside air to quickly extract the heat from the refrigerant as it is condensed to a liquid. The refrigerant then moves through the expansion device (either a TXV or Orifice tube), which regulates the flow of refrigerant going to the evaporator. At this point the refrigerant expands back into a gas form and the entire process begins all over again.

What takes place in a a car air conditioning service?

A typical air conditioner service may include:
    Evaluate air vent temperature
    Confirm condenser temperature correct
    Ensure suction line temperature correct
    Adjust pulley and drive belt
    Confirm correct operation of valves and thermostats
    Clean the fins of the condenser
    Assess condition of of components and hoses
    Evacuation and recharge of refrigerant (where required)
    Electronically test system lines and components for leaks

Why do I need a car air conditioner system service?

By checking or changing the oil level in the refrigerant you protect the compressor and avoid it seizing up. If the air filters are plugged with dirt and bacteria it will affect the performance of the entire system and it can even cause it to quit completely. Along with inhibiting air conditioner efficiency, dirty air filters can cause all kinds of health problems too.
A car air conditioner needs to be checked for problems once a year for any signs of decay of the seals, hoses and connections and confirm refrigerant pressure is being maintained over time. Regularly servicing your automotive air conditioning system keeps refrigerant at optimum levels meaning the system does not need to work as hard and this in turn protects the system from damage and reduces fuel consumption.

Why does the car air conditioner need to be recharged?

A vehicle air conditioner system is designed to absorb the heat from the air inside the car and expell it to the exterior, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air behind to be recirculated. This is achieved using a special compound called refrigerant, capable of readily absorbing heat as a gas and quickly losing heat as a liquid.

While it operates in a way similar to a domestic refrigerator, there are a few significant differences. Being fixed to your car, the air conditioner unit is subjected to a sizable amount of movement and vibration in addition to having to perform outdoors.

Being exposed to the elements and very extreme operating conditions and being expected to run occasionally rather than being 'Always On' can cause issues with the connections, hoses and seals. An automotive air conditioner must be examined annually and serviced every 24 months to ensure there are no problems or refrigerant loss due to failure or leakage from these points.

Simply by cooling the air in your car under normal running conditions, the filters of the air con get dirty. If the system is run infrequently, seals may dry and crack allowing them to leak and the air conditioning system can lose as much as 15% of its refrigerant in a single year. Even without leaks, the gas in a car air conditioning system will eventually degrade or evaporate over time and should be recharged regularly to keep the air con system in peak running condition

What is the creating the bad smell in car air conditioning systems?

The moist environment can promote the development of microbes, bacteria and even fungus growth inside the evaporator core. This can lead to nasty smells and possibly even be bad for the health of any vehicle occupants. Although modern evaporator units may be more efficient, having more fins means they are often more likely to trap moisture allowing microorganism growth.

JK Auto Garage mechanics have the capability to use special ultrasonic technology to destroy any micro-organisms possibly causing any bad smells or health issues.
Just ask about our MIST service, which will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in your Car’s Air system. These bacteria can cause odours and even make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. A MIST service doesn’t just make your car smell better - it makes it healthier for you and your family.

Air Conditioning Hints for Top Performance This Summer

    Quickly Cool the Car Interior: open the windows, set the heater to cool, turn fans to maximum speed and engage air conditioning. Once cool, shut windows and change setting to recirculate.
    Regular Checks and Services: Run the system for five minutes once a week to keep gas and oil circulating, and help extend the life of the system’s seals. Ensure the drive belt is adjusted and in good condition.
    Defogging the Windows: Use the air conditioner in conjunction with the heater to provide warm dehumidified air, as it helps to defog the windscreen faster in winter
    Service your System Regularly: JK Auto Garage recommends every two to three years, or once cooling effectiveness is diminished.

Trust JK Auto Garage can get your vehicle air conditioning back up and running at maximum capacity; give the team a call on (+1)416-742-4444, fill out our contact form, or book online.

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